Certified Propeller and Skeg Repair

Specializing in Repairs of Stainless Steel, Bronze, & Nibral

Lab Finished in Our VIBE-A-PROP

Acme propeller sales and repairs are recommended by Acme Factory. Props Ahoy Inc is one in ten shops in the United States for quality repairs.

Did you know that the cost of repairing your propeller is usually less than 1/2 the price of a new one?

If you need your prop or skeg repaired, Certification by the National Marine Propeller Association is the very first thing you should look for. Less than one-in-ten shops that “fix” propellers have this Certification. Props Ahoy, started in 1990, has invested the commitment and training to be one of these 10%. It meets all the quality standards the NMPA requires.

Not only is Mike Knutson a Certified Propeller Technician. He also has been a Journeyman Machinist and Tool Maker since 1969. You could not have a better combination.

So you have found the right Shop. We repair hundreds of propellers annually, from all over the United States. We have invested in the most modern equipment available to do the repair correctly and economically. Repairing a propeller is a craft that requires a high level of skill and experience. All of our propeller technicians are experienced with over 15 years repairing propellers.

Difficulties With Your Propeller

Propeller Induced Vibration: Propeller induced vibration can be caused by inaccuracies in pitch, camber and section shape. We can diagnose and remove these inaccuracies. This results in a smoother, more efficient and often faster propeller.

Tip Erosion: Abrasives present in the surroundings may cause erosion to the tip of your propeller. Tip erosion reduces the overall diameter and performance of your propeller. Propeller Cavitation: Propeller cavitation causes vibration, noise and serious damage to your propeller. Can it be avoided? Cavitation problems must be split into two categories. 1 Propeller induced cavitation. 2 Vessel induced cavitation i.e. cavitation caused by appendages, hull shape and application. If the cavitation is propeller induced then Props Ahoy technicians can show you the cause of it.

Singing Propeller: Some propellers produce a high-pitched noise at certain points between idle speed and full RPM. At the best of times this can be annoying, if this point lies spot in the middle of your cruising RPM it will be intolerable. Props Ahoy technicians have the solution.

Propeller Induced Engine Overload: If you are the proud owner of a beautiful yacht but you are a little embarrassed about the black smoke that is emerging from its transom, then it’s time to do something about it. Overloading your engine will vastly reduce the overall life of this engine.

Propeller not loading the engine: When an engine revs higher than its recommended maximum RPM, it does not develop its maximum Horsepower. In other words you are not using your engine at its utmost capabilities. Most of the time this means there is additional speed to be gained.

Fuel Consumption: Does your boat consume more fuel than the recommended amount? The reason for greater fuel consumption is having a low classed propeller. On average, an ISO Class I propeller uses between 5-10% less fuel than a Class III propeller!

Propellers not synchronized: Many twin-screw vessels have badly synchronized propellers, in other words the port and starboard engine are not loaded equally at maximum RPM. This is caused by pitch, camber and section shape differences between the two propellers.
Reversing problems: Reversing qualities are influenced by the position of your propeller and the section shape on the suction side of your propeller. If there is a suction section shape problem, our technicians can locate it.

Can I send my propeller to you for repair?
We receive from customers from all over the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. Simply box your prop with a note containing the following information about you and any special concerns or problems you may have with the propeller.

  • Name
  • Mailing Address (P.O. Boxes can only be sent via US Mail)
  • Phone number
  • Instructions
  • Any problems or concerns with your propeller

After we receive your propeller we will evaluate it and any concerns you may have as to its performance and condition, we will contact you with the total cost (including shipping charges) and time needed to accomplish the repair and/or modification. At this time we will request payment information (VISA or MasterCard)

Note: If your propeller is not repairable or not modifiable to meet your needs, we will offer you a new propeller at a competitive price or return your propeller to you. We want to earn your propeller repair business!