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Why should I fix my prop?
The prop is like a tire on your vehicle. A tire will vibrate if you get flat spots or rough edges. A prop will vibrate also – and can damage gears, bearings, or in severe cases, even break a shaft. The new style props now have no rubber hubs so the balance is critical.

What’s the difference between an aluminum prop and a stainless steel prop?
An aluminum prop will lose its edge over time even if no hits occur. This will weaken your engine performance. A stainless steel prop will hold edges and cups a lot longer, and the cups on a good quality prop will stay in shape for a longer period of time.

Will I wreck my lower unit with a stainless steel prop?
A stainless steel prop will last longer in most boating situations. An aluminum prop will not always save a lower unit from damage. If it hits something hard enough to break off the blades, the prop shaft will usually bend. The same situation applies to nylon Piranha propellers.

What’s the difference between 3-blade and 4-blade propeller?
A 4-blade prop will plane easier and hold a plane at slower speed. Depending on the type of 4-blade, it may also eliminate most of the cavitation or blowout. 4-blade props are made in Piranha, aluminum and stainless steel and also Nibral ski props. A 3-blade prop will be faster in the long run.